Haerang was Jisu Yoon's late boyfriend.


Haerang had a dark complexion and dyed his hair blonde. He war a button down over a plain tee shirt and jeans.


Haerang was an ambitious musician. Regardless of how much fun he had, he cared deeply about how his audience felt about his music. He also cared about Jisu, giving her homemade gifts and eventually leaving her his bass guitar to remember him.


Prior to the present day, Haerang and Jisu Yoon were in a band, and apparently in a relationship. While Jisu felt good about the performance, Haerang noted a record label agent was so unimpressed, he left the concert early. He gave Jisu a homemade guitar pick as a keepsake. Later, Jisu discovered that Haerang hung himself, devastating her. He left his bass guitar to Jisu as his last memory.


Haerang's suicide left a profound impact on Jisu. Jisu came to value life to a great extent and would encourage others to fight to stay alive and avoid self-harm. She also treasures his bass greatly and is rather protective of it.

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