The Blind Monster was once a human who was an alcoholic and loathed his boss with a murderous passion. It used to possess eyes, but the top half of its head was sliced off in a fight. The body compensated by increasing its sense of hearing, causing one of its ears to grow to disproportionately large. It is able to launch spikes that is able to branch out and impale those around it if it misses. It constantly utters that it wants to kill, and also bemoans the fact it can't see. Despite the fact that it is blind, the monster is able to navigate around apartment rooms and stairs surprisingly well. It can also use its spikes like a grappling hook to climb great heights. However, because of its blindness, it cannot tell who or what it is attacking and may end up attacking a monster.


Before Current DayEdit

The man who would become the Blind Monster was first encountered by Jisu in a stairwell. Jisu paid him no mind, but the man noticed her as he started to monsterfy. The moved to attack a shocked Jisu, but Jisu was saved when someone sliced off part of its head. This led to the Blind Monster's head being sliced in half. The man was monsterfied enough to survive as a monster, but could not regenerate its head. The monster spent the next few days wandering around the apartment. On one day, it heard a mother playing with her young child. It broke into the apartment and killed the mother, leading to the boy's monsterfication.

Current Day & DeathEdit

Hyun Cha accidentally encounters the Blind Monster after recklessly leaving his apartment. The Blind Monster is immediately outside Hyun's apartment and heard the door open. Hyun attempts to close the door, but the monster enters before he can. However, as the monster is blind, he walks right by Hyun and into the bedroom, attempting to find the person. As he prepares to leave, he hears Hyun going to the bathroom and tries to throw a spike into the bathroom, but it misses entirely. Disappointed at not finding a person and assuming no one is there, he leaves.

Hyun later encounters it again as he goes to rescue some children. After being outfitted with some weapons, Hyun leaves Dusik Hahn's apartment. Hyun, however, is almost immediately forced to hide in an elevator when his phone alerts him to an approaching monster. The Blind Monster walks down the hall and is able to hear the Hyun breathe. However, it is caught off guard and knocked unconscious by Hyun. Dusik goes out to investigate and attempts to finish it off for good. Unfortunately, the Blind Monster recovers and is able to lightly wound Dusik, causing Dusik to only wound it in return. However, due to the pain, the Blind Monster flees the area.

The Blind Monster hears the commotion the Steroid Monster causes and goes to investigate. It encounters the Steroid Monster about to kill Hyun and Jisu. It ends up attacking the Steroid Monster, which provoked it into attacking the Blind Monster. The two monsters fought briefly, but the Steroid Monster quickly and easily won the battle. The Steroid Monster tossed the Blind Monster out the 14th floor window into the parking lot. The Blind Monster was able to recover and heard Wook Pyeon, Hyuk Lee, and Eun Lee talk on the 4th Floor. It climbed into the 4th floor but the rescue party was able to beat and incinerate it.

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